Dog Food – Facts, Fiction and Everything in Between

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Browse any grocery shop or puppy meals shop to buy Dog Food and you will agree that looking to decide on what’s satisfactory in your dog is an exhausting venture. Scanning the shelves of products to be had, you’re bombarded by using ingredients extolling exceptional health blessings in addition to a large variety of expenses. The pet meals industry is a multi-billion greenback enterprise and pet meals manufacturers are eagerly advertising for every dollar. Not handiest are they advertising us to demise, however additionally growing new merchandise to install front folks. Those merchandise encompass “dry”, “canned”, “semi-moist” and fitness focused merchandise consisting of “senior”, “top rate” and “gourmet.

So which food is great for your dog? Finding that out takes time and research. The truth is, the pleasant dog food is the only that meets your dog’s nutritional requirements, which range based upon the dog’s age, breed, body weight, genetics, and quantity of interest… And one that suits within your price range. It is really really worth consulting a veterinarian to get the high-quality recommendation and vitamins dog food plan in your canine. But for the ones of you that need to take topics in your personal fingers, you’ll find certain below the maximum essential things you may want to recognize.

Dog Food Labels

Susan Powter comes to mind while thinking about meals labels. Remember this iconic infomercial big name with the coined word “Stop the Insanity”? Her gospel about nutrients and the significance of analyzing the ingredients on the facet of the packaging to differentiate the numerous factors and the way every plays its position in overall vitamins, became novel at that time. It seems that this was the beginning of the mass movement to higher nutrients, label studying and choosing products greater cautiously.

With all the current pet food remembers, hundreds of thousands of dog proprietors have prolonged this scrutiny to deciding on a dog food. But we can’t pull from the Susan Powter gospel for this, due to the fact canine ingredients are manufactured beneath a chain of different standards and policies, put forth with the aid of the AAFCO ( The Association of American Feed Control Officials ). There are unique labeling requirements that require all dog meals to have positive records at the label. So, simply so we are able to all make a right choice for our dogs, we need to know the way to study and recognize the canine food label.

The AAFCO places out an official e-book, on a yearly foundation, detailing unique requirements for dog food. Among all of the exclusive necessities, they request all dog food producers to stick to label regulations and need to encompass on the package the subsequent:

Product Name
Guaranteed Analysis
Nutritional Adequacy Statement
Feeding Directions
The Name Game
When looking for canine food, what’s the primary issue you observe? The product name, of direction. We’ve all walked down the pet food aisle and seen the product names jump out as us…Calling us. Displayed in ambitious kind and fancy fonts such descriptions as “With Chicken”, “All Life Stages”, “Duck Entree”, “95% Beef”, “Natural Dog Food”. But what do those descriptions certainly mean? Is it simply fancy advertising? The AAFCO has set forth regulations that dictate how components can be used in a product name.

Ninety five% Rule

Applies to most canned canine food that is composed on the whole of meat, poultry or fish.
Specifies that at the least 95% of the dog food have to be the named element at the label, now not counting water and preservatives added for processing.
Counting water, the product should nonetheless consist of 70% of the product.
If the name consists of a combination of substances, the 2 mixed should same 95%.
The rule handiest applies to components of animal starting place, so grains and greens can’t be used as a part of the ninety five% rule. So if the product name become “Beef and Brown Rice”, the product might still ought to include ninety five% pork.