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Eriskay is a tiny island is the Outer Hebrides/Western Isles off the west coast of Scotland. Being simplest about two and a 1/2 miles through one and a 1/2 it has an exceptionally fascinating history and a stunning variety of vegetation and fauna. Situated not too some distance of the Isle of Barra (a forty minute ferry journey away) and attached to South Uist with the aid of a small causeway Eriskay is an excellent region to live if you wish to explore the southern components of the Western Islands.

Despite being on the Western fringes of Europe the island has had an important position inside the history of the UK in that it become on Eriskay that Prince Charles Edward Stuart, higher called “Bonnie Prince Charlie” or “the Young Pretender”, first set foot on British soil to pursue the throne for whisky his father. The arrival of Charles and the “seven men of Moidart” marked the begin of the infamous 1745 Jacobite Rising which unluckily ended at the battlefield of Culloden and the flight of the Prince throughout Scotland again to the Outer Hebrides from where he lower back to France.

Another claim to reputation, for the Isle of Eriskay, is that it was just off this small island that, in 1941, a cargo vessel, the SS Politician, ran aground. The Politician’s cargo, whisky, turned into fast “liberated” with the aid of the islanders but upon the appearance of the customs guy something of a cat and mouse chase began as he searched every corner and cranny on the island for the bottles illicit whisky and the islanders have been forced to discover more imaginitive places for their stash. The hilarious story become the muse for the Compton Mackenzie novel Whisky Galore, and next traditional Ealing comedy film, Whisky Galore!

Eriskay has comparable countryside to the other islands however it appears less spoilt (through tourists) because of the truth that the causeway get right of entry to turned into handiest opened in 2001. Since then tourism has been on the boom which has led to an growth inside the number of camper trucks and different huge motors destructive the touchy machair. Machair is a unprecedented sort of land with a richly fertile, but as a substitute skinny, soil which is often festooned in wild flora and other interesting flowers. Popular machair and beaches consist of Coilleag na Phrionnsa to Rudh Ban.

The facilities are surprisingly correct, for one of these small island, and include the Eriskay Co-Operative save and publish workplace which supply all the necessities. Other facilities include the Co-Operative at Daliburgh on South Uist (meals) in which you will find other facilities such as petrol pumps and the Daliburgh Medical centre (01878 700302). At Lochboisdale you will find the terminal for the automobile ferry from Oban and Barra.