How to Assemble SizeGenetics

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Before using your SizeGenetics, you must understand how to assemble the device. The first step is to measure the length of your flaccid penis. To get the right length, set the device one centimeter longer than your penis. For example, if your penis is 14cm, you should set it to 15cm. If your penis is longer than this, you can adjust the size of the sizer by adding 1 centimeter to the setting.

Next, choose a suitable Elongation Bar. You must screw the Elongation Bars into the spring bars. The Extender Base should be attached to the extender by rotating the wheel in a clockwise direction. When the extender is ready to be worn, you should attach the Comfort Strap to the front. You can watch a video online to see how to assemble the sizegenetics.

The next step is to set the length of your flaccid penis. You must set the device to be 1 centimeter longer than your penis’s length. For example, a 14-cm penis is equivalent to 5.5 inches. To get the correct length, you should set the SizeGenetics device to 15cm. Alternatively, you can consult the video on how to assemble SizeGenetics.

Assembling SizeGenetics is simple. To do this, simply screw the Elongation Bar into the end of the spring bars. Next, you must screw the Extender Base into the front of the extender. The Extender Base should be attached by turning the wheel counterclockwise. Finally, you must fit the Comfort Strap on the front of the extender. You can find online videos demonstrating how to assemble SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics is a penis elongation device that uses penile traction to stretch your penis. It treats conditions like peyronie’s disease and penile curvature. It also helps correct a 20-degree bend in your womb. You can purchase SizeGenetics and assemble it yourself. To do this, you’ll need a little bit of patience and a few tools. You may even need to watch a video online.

After you’ve assembled your SizeGenetics, you’ll need to screw in the Elongation Bars. The

Elongation Bars need to be screwed into the spring bars. After this, you can screw in the Extender Base by turning the wheel clockwise. You will then attach the Comfort Strap to the front of the extender. To assemble your SizeGenetics, you’ll want to follow the instructions carefully. The instructions can be found on the product’s website.

After assembling your SizeGenetics, you must attach the Comfort Strap. After screwing in the Elongation Bars, you must attach the Extender Base. The Extender Base can be attached by adjusting the wheel clockwise. Afterwards, you need to put in the Comfort Strap. There are several instructional videos online to help you assemble your SizeGenetics. It’s best to watch the video and make sure you follow the directions to the letter.

You can also use your SizeGenetics to measure your penis. To do this, you need to set the device to be one centimeter longer than the length of your penis. A 14cm penis is 5.5 inches. Therefore, if you want to get a 15cm penis, you need to set the device to 15cm. It’s very important to measure your penis accurately, and a video can help you with this process.

Once you’ve chosen a sizegenetics product, you must assemble it. The device will need to be connected to the spring bars to be effective. After that, you can screw the Elongation Bars into the spring bars. You should also attach the Extender Base. You can do this by turning the wheel in a clockwise direction. Once the Extender Base is attached, attach the Comfort Strap to the front of the extender.

Once you have assembled the device, you can start comparing the results. It will tell you how big your penis is. You can also compare the results to a standard reference. The device is very easy to use and can be customized in 58 different ways. There are no other sizes available. During the process of assembling your SizeGenetics, you should remove the foam pad from your penis.