How to Give a Tantric Massage to Your Partner!

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London nuru massage stimulates the genitals, scrotum and perineum of your partner. This type of massage is great for both men and women and will satisfy your partner’s needs for sensual touch.

Start with the back

You can begin by massaging your partner’s back. Warm oil can be used and you can do this for approximately half an hour. The energy channels travel from the sacrum to the head and travel up the spine. You can also use your fingers to activate the kundalini energy and activate the energy channels throughout the body.

Begin by placing your hands on your partner’s back, parallel to one another. Start by massaging your lower back, then move up to your buttocks, neck, and shoulders. You should repeat this circuit at least six times. Throughout the massage, ask your partner for feedback.

It is important to create the right atmosphere before you begin a tantric massage. The atmosphere should be calm and positive. It is important to make sure your partner is relaxed and connected before you start. It may also help to perform a meditation for ten minutes before beginning.

Tantric massage is a great technique for foreplay. It is a therapeutic experience, and a wonderful way to energize your partner and deepen your relationship. Don’t let misconceptions deter you from giving a tantric massage to your partner. It will be a lot of fun. It will surprise you how much your partner will appreciate it.

Tantric massages focus on the erogenous zones and genitals. They are based on Hindu beliefs, and their purpose is to enhance sexual pleasure and increase the giver’s awareness. Tantric massages can help you both achieve this by increasing intimacy and mindfulness. In the end, the goal is to put your partner in a state of ecstasy.

Hand slides

A tantric massage is an experience that can improve your relationship and your sex life. Studies have shown that the power of human touch is extremely powerful and this type of massage can help you and your partner enjoy sex on a deeper level. Tantric massage can help you overcome any sexual difficulties you may have.

Hand slides are an excellent tool to give your lover a tantric massage. They can be used to explore areas like the buttocks, neck, and shoulders. You can use oils to enhance the effect of these hand slides. Almond oil is a good option because it is not absorbent. This will allow you glide effortlessly across your partner’s body. You can also choose an organic oil because it’s safe for the environment and won’t need to be reapplied often.

During a massage, pay close attention to your partner’s cues. Ensure that you pay attention to your partner throughout the massage. Also, make sure to get permission to use any parts of their body. You should also give your partner plenty of time to relax and enjoy the experience. You can encourage your partner to drink more water if they feel uncomfortable.

A sensual massage is one of the greatest gifts you can give your partner. This technique can be used to help your partner relax, and allow for better sex. This can be a very intimate experience and can enhance your relationship. With the right preparation, you can make your partner feel engrossed and ecstatic and make the experience even more fun.

You can help your partner focus on his breathing and lighten your touch if you want to avoid orgasm. A couple of exercises that focus on breathing can help you and your partner connect. These techniques will help you make your partner feel revered. The lingam can also be used to make your partner feel worshiped. Tantric massages can be very beneficial for couples who want to have fun together.


Tantric massages are a great way for you to show your love to your partner. Rather than going to a massage parlor to have a professional perform the massage, you can learn to do it yourself at home. The main focus of tantric massage is on satisfying your lover. Before giving a tantric massage, you should create the right setting for your massage. You can dim the lights, light a candle or warm up the space. Then, make sure your partner is reclining comfortably. You can also create an intimate atmosphere by pinching their thumbs.

Using your fingers to tickle your partner’s body is another way to bring intimacy. It is also a great way to relax and lighten up their body. The first part of a good massage should focus on the shoulders and neck. Many people have tension in their neck and shoulders. By using kneading strokes, you can help relieve upper back tension.

Kneading is another great method to strengthen your deep muscles. Kneading is great for fleshy areas like the thighs and buttocks. Just make sure not to use it on the belly, though. Kneading involves lifting and grasping tissue in a similar way to making bread. Kneading encourages mechanical flexibility and prevents muscles from breaking.

Another common technique is to use both hands to knead in folds. The technique is a great way to connect spiritually with your partner. This type of massage is a great way to revitalize your relationship if it is in trouble. This type of massage can be a great way to show your partner you care about their body and how much love you have for them.

When performing the massage, you should always use a gentle touch. Kneading with your partner is not as painful as you might think. Kneading is one of the most effective ways to release tension. It is important to apply light pressure but firm enough to reach the areas that need it.

To give a tantric massage to your partner, you should focus on areas such as the back, face, and arms. Don’t forget to touch the ears! When you are doing this, make sure to gently squeeze the earlobes. You can also trace their linings. When you’re finished, you can tap the belly button to signal the end of the massage.

The feather stroke

The feather stroke is a classic sex therapy. It starts at the tip of your finger and moves down and up the sides. You can do it using both hands or alternate between hands. Alternate between short and long strokes. The alternating motion builds up the suspense. This technique also involves using the hair for body care. The result is memorable and highly sensual.

Tantric massage is incomplete without the feather stroke. It is a technique that is used to re-awaken a person’s senses and reconnect them with their sexual fertility. It is traditional to use the hands for this technique, but it is becoming more popular in modern society. It can also improve a person’s mood and happiness.

It is important to set boundaries before you start a tantric massaging. The goal is to raise the body’s sexual energy so it can reach full orgasm. The therapist may use different techniques to achieve the same goal. The most important thing to remember is that the tantric massage is about satisfying your lover. Creating an enticing environment will help you accomplish this. You may want to light candles, play soft music, and heat up the room. To create a more intimate atmosphere, if you have a partner, you may be able to squeeze their thumbs.

Once you’ve prepared your hands, the next step is to prepare your partner’s body for the massage. This step will make the environment more relaxed for both of you. You may also want to add a fragrance, such as a pillar candle or a diffuser. Essential oils and jojoba oil can also be added to the room. Coconut oil is a great option as well.

This massage technique uses slow, long strokes to connect the senses. This technique is also known as aromatherapy massage. This technique uses an aphrodisiac oil blend, and also incorporates a yogic breathing technique to lift erotic energy away from the genitals and into the chakras. This massage is intended to increase both the giver and the receiver’s erotic energy.

This technique is particularly effective for the chest. During a tantric massage, the male chest is targeted with feather strokes, while the female chest can benefit from more gentle strokes. However, the feather strokes tend to be more gentle on female breasts and pillows.