Jesus saw Satan fall like lightning 2022

Jesus saw Satan fall like lightning – the clear  Luke 10 18 meaning It is a very happy story. Jesus empowered seventy-two people and destroyed the city. The crowd is amazed. Jesus told his disciples that he had seen Satan fall like lightning.

What does this verse mean? We’ll explain what Luke 10:18 means in this blog post and dig deeper into why this situation might be more serious than we think. You will also learn what this situation means to us today, what we learned from him, and how we can apply what Jesus teaches us in our daily lives.

To whom was the Gospel of Luke written?
Paul’s missionary, Luke, a physician, wrote the longest gospel in the New Testament canon. The Bible describes Luke as a Syrian from Antioch, which means he was not a Jew. The word gospel means “good news”. The inscriptions in the first four books of the New Testament are good news. This is good news for all who hear it. For use, let’s remember when we represent God and His Word. What we say can be good news for those we say.

The historical details in this book are interesting. It is believed to have been written in the 1950s/early 1960s AD and is a letter to Theophilus (Luke 1:3). The best date for this book is to look at the second chapter of Luke, Acts. Each Gospel was written to a special group. The Gospel of Luke was written for the Gentiles. A foreigner is someone who has been described as a “non-Jew” or “apostate or apostate” Jew in the Bible. Luke the doctor would have been a wonderful person trying to teach the “good news” of Jesus to these people. The doctors wrote very well and carefully considered the details.

Luke can be very effective in answering questions from non-believers, especially when it comes to passages that go beyond “thoughts” like Luke 10:18.

Luke 10 18 meaning In the circumstances of Luke 10:18. To understand the meaning of Luke 10:18, we need to draw from the beginning of chapter 10.

Chapter 10 begins when Jesus sends out 72 men to teach the gospel, heal them, cast out demons, and preach the gospel. The seventy-two were ordained and given authority to do what Jesus commanded them to do. Jesus always prepares you before sending you.

Jesus then told these men and women not to bring anything with them. I think he did this because he taught us to trust him. They don’t need sandals, money, or even the distractions and temptations that come with money. They will learn that they only need him and if they do what he asks, bad things will happen.

A verse I refer to is Luke 10:9. In this verse, Jesus commands the sick to be healed. So he hopes they will get better. Don’t believe it. Then, after their healing and amazement, say that the kingdom of God is at hand. I won’t go into the depths of this, but I need to explain it so we can understand the meaning of Luke 10:18 when we come to it later.