List of Perfect Air Track Lengths

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Air tracks are versatile and compatible due to wide range of usability and scalability. These comes in various lengths. The most common and best lengths according to different sporting needs are as follows:

3 meters Air Tracks

3 meters Air Tracks are considered as a standard. This length of an air track mat is perfect all-rounder for different users like parkour, cheerleading, and gymnastics. At Kameymall brand, 3-meter Air Tracks are lightweight, perfect, and versatile products that are most perfect for home and gym use. They are coming in with different ranges of colors and an extra strip of Velcro that can connect other mats for more tumbles and wide area.

4 meter Air Tracks

If you demand more length, 4-meter Air Track can give you more space for somersaults, tumbling, and landing. These air track mats come with various color options, Velcro connectivity, and durable PVC finish

6-meter Air Tracks

This is an extra large air track. This is a perfect alternative for wide areas. You can check out these if you want more extra size.

All of the above lengths are the most used and demanded due to their versatility and pros.