Online Card Games at the Office

If you’re looking for ways to have a bit of fun at the office, online card games are a great option. You can play card games like Cards Against Humanity, Scattergories, or Codenames. You can even play games like “the dream team” and complete imaginary scenarios.


Codenames is a team game where players take turns choosing cards with secret agents’ names. The first team to collect all of the agents’ names wins. The game is easy to learn and can be played by anyone, even younger kids. Older players are better at making connections between words and are better suited for the spymaster role.

Codenames: Pictures is a new edition that was released in September. The game now includes 200 two-sided cards with images. Instead of playing with five cards, players are dealt twenty cards at a time. They use the same rules and strategies as the original game, with the added option of combining the pictures with the word cards.


Scattergories is an easy and enjoyable game that can be played with people of any age. Each player is given one letter and 60 seconds to think of a word starting with that letter. The player who comes up with the best answer is the winner of the game. In order to play, each player must keep a piece of paper near them. In Scattergories, players need to think of words that start with the chosen letter, and then write them on their answer sheet.

When playing Scattergories, players should remember that the game usually comes with ten pre-made categories. While it can get repetitive after repeated play, adding new categories can help increase the fun. This way, you can increase the chance of competitiveness and laughter.

Cards Against Humanity

While playing Cards Against Humanity online card games at work, you’ll need to ensure that your colleagues understand the rules. The game involves players being assigned two different colored cards – black and white. They are then required to write the funniest responses to the questions on the cards.

Cards Against Humanity began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2010, and has quickly become a wildly popular party game known for its irreverent, politically incorrect humor. The company expanded quickly from a “hobby project” in a basement to a full-fledged business with 18 employees. However, the company was also hit by accusations of racism and sexism. It has since hired a consulting firm to improve its hiring and management practices, judi idn poker and has enlisted the services of an outside organization to conduct training on unconscious bias.

Coworker Feud

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to boost morale at the office, try playing Coworker Feud. The game is an online version of the TV game show that requires teams to guess a question and submit the results. You can play the game in person, or virtually with up to 40 people. Either way, the questions are the same and the goal is to guess the most popular answer.

When playing Coworker Feud, make sure you pick questions that relate to your workplace. These questions should be a mix of obvious and non-obvious. After you find a good mix, bookmark it using your keyboard’s CTRL or Command key. You can also follow it on LinkedIn to find more questions and answers.

War of the Wizards

War of the Wizards is a team-building game with many fun and unique features. It involves role-playing, puzzle-solving, storytelling, spell-casting, and world-building. Teams must work together to complete challenges and bring peace to the land. This game is the perfect way to engage remote employees and foster teamwork in the office.

The game is a 90-minute fantasy role-playing game designed for the workplace. Employees can work together to solve a conundrum in order to bring about a peaceful end to the war.