Software for Electronic Locks

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Before we get into the software, let me talk about the hardware. It doesn’t matter how great the software is for electronic door locks, the hardware must be strong. The lock must meet or exceed specific mechanical standards if it is to be considered high security. An electronic door lock, for example, must move the bolt into the locked position in the door jam. The software might control this action, but the hardware will provide physical security.

The basic function of the door lock will be determined by the manufacturer. Each manufacturer will have its own set of additional features. Let’s look at some of these features.

Access Control: The software tracks all entry and exits to a door that is locked with an electronic lock. These data are downloaded to a database and then stored. You can lock out a user. All users can be locked down. You can also control user access by controlling the time. Access is restricted to 8am-5pm, for example.

Audit: An administrator can access the stored history to find out who opened a door at a specific date and time. You can not only control access but can also go back to history if you have a question. If drugs were found missing in the drug room, you can look back at history to create an access map that shows who opened that door.

Auto Open: An electronic lock can be programmed so that it unlocks at a specific time and then locks again at the same time. For example, unlock at 8am, and then relock at 5pm. You can program the lock to open if you have a fire alarm.

Users: Multiple users can have access at a given door. However, their access can be restricted by date and/or time. Most users have access between 8 and 5, but supervisors have access 24 hours a day. There are many options. Access to all information will be recorded and available for audit later.

Manufacturers will offer different versions of the software and may add additional features. Software can include mobile functions, Wi Fi with Bluetooth, home automation, and apps or best bluetooth cabinet lock.

Electronic locks are a true partnership between electronic and mechanical.