The four Cs For Free Diamonds – Carat Fat, Colour, Clarity, and Slice

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Totally colorless diamonds are particularly unusual. While most diamonds may well appear to be colorless (white), if examined closely, most have delicate yellow shades which can be witnessed when evaluating two diamonds next to one another or under a jeweler’s loupe or microscope. Colors in the diamond are usually not often lousy, as pink, blue, and black diamonds have grown to be increasingly well-liked recently. As with all precious stones, diverse diamond colours are a results of trace elements current in the diamond. The GIA has produced a coloration grading scale for “white” diamonds which will help to establish the shade in the diamond (symbolizing exactly how much in the trace elements exist).

Diamonds are graded based on the GIA (Gemological Institute of The usa) colour chart.

D,E,F – Colorless. Stone seems to be totally distinct. They’re the highest priced stones. Approximate rate for VS1 Clarity, 1 carat round diamond: $15,000

G,H,I,J – Close to Colorless. Some yellow or gia 鑽石價格 brown coloration is obvious if the stone is not mounted. When mounted, the stone appears colorless. This vary is taken into account Great price for the money. Approximate price for VS1 Clarity, one carat spherical diamond: $ten,000

K,L,M – Light-weight Yellow. Yellow tint shows. When mounted this even now seems tinted. Approximate price tag for VS1 Clarity, one carat spherical diamond: $five,000

N-Y – Yellow. Potent yellow color. These stones will not be used in Significantly fine jewelry. Approximate cost for VS1 Clarity, 1 carat round diamond: Under $three,five hundred

Z+ – Fancy. Shiny, extraordinary colour. Usually blue, pink, yellow, etc. Approximate price tag for VS1 Clarity, one carat spherical diamond: Over $10,000.


Diamond Clarity is a way to evaluate the extent of a diamond’s internal flaws. A diamond that does not have numerous flaws (often known as inclusions inside the diamond earth) is, as 1 would expect, of higher high quality and value. This is due to inclusions interfere with The sunshine’s capacity to glow via a diamond, building the diamond surface significantly less excellent. A diamond that sparkles extremely brightly is probably going to get only a few inclusions. Grading labs like the GIA see diamonds underneath magnification to determine their clarity. The excellent news is always that quite tiny inclusions will likely not detract from the diamond’s attractiveness or bring about it being a lot less long lasting.