“The Irish driving test: Test Success Not Pressure as changes take place ’round the Corner

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There seem to be many myths regarding this Irish Driving Test than ever before. This could be because there are more applicants to pass the Irish Driving Test  Easy Quizzz than in the past. At present, in Ireland there are around 450,000 learners who have passed the test and it remains no sign of a decline as a new generation youngsters enters the workforce and the rate of immigration increases.

The numerous attempts to reduce the wait list in applicants to the Irish Driving Test have been ineffective due to a myriad of factors. The most important of these is the rapid growth of both the economy and population. The tiny amount of Driving Examiners has been unable to handle the growing demand for more than five years. When late-night and overtime summer Driving Tests were made available a few years ago , there was some improvement however this was only temporary after the decision was made to change the practice of allowing drivers to drive forever and for a single day while holding an interim License.

But there is light in the Tunnel with the launch of the Road Safety Authority recently .This new organization was given the task to supervise and revamp the entire driving and Learner Driver scenario in Ireland and is worthy of the trust from all drivers, even if some of the ideas won’t be very well-liked. Particularly among those who believe that having a Driving License is an inalienable right.

It is planned to make compulsory tuition mandatory for learner drivers, initially for motorcyclists, and later for car drivers transferble to anoth. It is proposed that Driving School and Instructors are registered. will begin during the summer season and hopefully improve standards to the same levels that are prevalent in Europe but are not as high in Ireland.

The days of having at the local bar or driving home an end with the introduction of more stringent measures, including breath tests on random occasions have been put in place and have shown some intriguing results.

A recent study revealed that alcohol was a contributing to at least fifty percent of fatal accidents . This was suspected for a long time, but it was not brushed under the rug under successive government administrations. Establishing a culture of safe driving and life-long skills which will be taught by professional driving instructors rather than family members or friends will eventually yield results, but not in a hurry.

The scheduled registration of driving schools and Instructors is scheduled to begin at the end of July 2007, and it is overdue. In Europe generally, there is a very strict process to follow when setting up an Driving School, as it is recognized that road Safety begins with the quality of instruction given to learner Drivers. This standard cannot be found among parents or colleagues, therefore it is essential that the learners receive the best quality of practice and standards for driving.