Vertical Jump Training: Top 3 Things You Need to Know To Succeed in a Vertical Jump Program

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I will discuss the three most important aspects of a vertical training program. These are the top three things you need to focus on for maximum value.

The variables in the vertical jump program work together synergistically. When training variables, it may help you in other ways. If you improve every aspect of your jump exercise program, you’ll see that all the components work together. This is called a synergistic effect. Your kind buzzword if 1 plus 1 is equal to 3. The parts of the jump training program that work together create a larger whole than each that works individually.
The first aspect of vertical jump training is strength, the ability to produce strength.

There are multiple types of forces. To jump higher, we work on fast muscle strength. Not only the ability to lift something, but the ability to do it quickly. The second aspect of vertical jump training is speed.
The first aspect is power. The second is speed. How fast you can generate electricity causes an explosion.
Power and speed are equal to an explosion.

This is a very simple formula, but it makes sense. If you can generate a thousand pounds of electricity, but you can do it in just a few moments, it will generate some impetus. Therefore, power and speed are two main aspects of a vertical jump program.
The third aspect of vertical jump training is the neurological adoption.
The third thing you may not have  vertical jump trainingheard of. This is called neurological mobilization. For example, with all kinds of exercise, the body can mobilize a certain amount of muscle fibers and mobilize them in a particular way to produce strength and speed. You can train your body to mobilize more muscle fibers and you can train them to make it faster.
This is an example of why we all do not use our muscle mobilization to our maximum capacity:

We all have what is called the Golgi tendon organ in our body, which prevents our body from using excessive force. You have heard of people who can save children under the car. They have an adrenaline rush that bypasses the Golgi tendon organs. This usually stops muscle contraction and allows them to produce all possible force. Unless we have enough adrenaline (or energy or concentration), it is exceptional to know that even our bodies are capable of doing more than we can. There are so many things you don’t aim for that can give you fast results to improve your vertical jump. Want to learn other practical ways to get the results you want? Sign up for free vertical jump training here.